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hen asked to describe a time when life seemed most fulfilling, a great many people will give the same answer: when they were able to help someone in a time of genuine need, whether a friend, family member, even a complete stranger.

Most would volunteer help more often – if they knew what to do, or felt confident that they could do it correctly.

The solution is the Volunteer Minister Program – a worldwide grass-roots movement open to anyone interested in helping others. The program answers the question of how to help by providing a broad range of practical skills based on a true understanding of the spiritual nature of man and the factors which influence his survival. With these skills, the Volunteer Minister can relieve pain and sorrow, and remedy confusion, conflict, upset and even failure in virtually every aspect of life.

The program began in the mid-1970s after L. Ron Hubbard concluded that crime was rising in direct proportion to the decline of religious influence. He also saw that only religion was capable of exerting a positive influence over the social afflictions of man. When society depends solely on police agencies and duress to enforce morality and social change, it inevitably will fail. The real answer lies in restoring spiritual values and seeking solutions based on understanding, not force. With the Volunteer Minister Program, Mr. Hubbard provided society the tools to achieve these aims and made them broadly available for use by Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike.


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