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Church volunteers entertain the elderly, collect food and clothing for those in need and raise funds for charities, contributing to their communities in these and many different ways.

The Women’s Auxiliary of the Church of Scientology in Clearwater provides hundreds of Christmas presents to underprivileged children in cooperation with the local Marine Corps Reserve. The Women’s Auxiliary has also provided gifts for the children of Florida migrant workers.

Each year, Scientologists organize a toy drive and party for Clearwater’s foster children. One such party in 1995 resulted in a unique project among the 250 foster children who attended, to bring attention to the plight of abused and neglected children everywhere. The children each traced their individual handprints onto one of a multitude of brilliantly colored and patterned fabrics, wrote their names on the cloth hand and placed it on a 121-square-foot black velvet tapestry. The “Hands of Hope” Quilt project culminated with a visit in 1996 to Washington, DC, where the children and their parents received a warm welcome from First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in the East Room of the White House.

Scientologists in Ottawa and Montreal team up with local law enforcement officers and firefighters for annual toy drives and caroling for underprivileged youth and residents of care centers. Year-round, Canadian church members also greet and care for arriving immigrants and refugees and their families – around the clock as necessary. The Church of Scientology of British Columbia was acknowledged with a certificate of appreciation for “generous contribution” from the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia for helping newly arrived refugee families.

In Montreal, the Church is an active fund-raiser, joining forces with the Canadian National Hockey Team for various charities. Scientologists in Montreal have supported the Cerebral Palsy Association, led by a Scientologist who has served as vice-president of the association’s fund-raising committee.


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