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Today, there are more than five thousand members of the Sea Org. They may be found in almost any area of endeavor in the religion. They are the cameramen, directors, artists, writers and designers who produce the dissemination materials for the religion internationally. They are the senior public relations personnel for the religion who constantly interact with media and governmental officials. They are the top technical staff in Scientology, the top auditors and case supervisors who not only minister the most advanced spiritual technology but, at the upper levels of the hierarchy, also oversee the purity of training and auditing worldwide.

No formalized structure exists for the Sea Org. Rather, its members are subject to the established lines of seniority and authority in the church organizations in which they work. Commitment to the Sea Organization is a sign of devotion to the religion and its objectives.

Having so dedicated their lives, Sea Org members work long hours and live communally with housing, meals, uniforms, medical and dental care provided by their Church employers. A portion of each day is dedicated to training and auditing but they otherwise devote themselves to whatever their assigned task may be in the furtherance of the objectives of Scientology. Their achievements over the more than three decades of the Sea Org’s existence are phenomenal and members appropriately have a vibrant esprit de corps and sense of accomplishment. Because of this, they are held in high esteem by all Scientologists who recognize the important role they play in ensuring the religion continues to achieve its objectives around the world.

Members of the Sea Org are committed to achieving the goal of a cleared planet through the standard ministry of the religious technology of Scientology. It is a challenge met with unfailing determination and dedication.


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