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As a result, Mr. Hubbard developed a number of auxiliary auditing actions to make one’s progress up the Bridge smoother. Some of these help a person sort out a specific problem he may be having in his life, such as problems with his marriage. Others address past therapies the person had which created adverse effects. Difficulties one encountered in previous training might be the subject of another auditing action that concentrates on that area.

Life can present any number of situations that stall a person’s spiritual progress. Sometimes these can knock the person off the Bridge entirely, but L. Ron Hubbard devised help even for that. People who have stumbled on the Bridge have been helped back on it, often at an improved rate of advance.

L. Ron Hubbard developed this corrective technology in order to minimize failures and errors. This is the reason why one finds so many successes in Scientology. Scientology truly is the only game where everyone can win.

Today, this is exactly what is being addressed by Golden Age of Tech programs in Scientology churches around the world. Any time a Scientologist does not achieve perfection with his application of Scientology technology in auditing or in life, the original intention to help – both himself and others – appears to have failed. But, applied in its purity, Scientology technology works 100 percent of the time. The answer to every Scientologist being able to achieve perfect application of Mr. Hubbard's technology can be experienced in any Scientology church today.


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