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Life Improvement Courses

The Scientology Life Improvement Courses are designed to fit the different needs of individuals based on their knowledge of Dianetics and Scientology, what books they may have read and their situation in life. These contain the basics of Scientology technology which can bring immediate improvement to a specific aspect of an individual’s existence.

The confusions of modern living require solutions. A difficulty in a relationship, a business or family situation can grow and consume far too much attention. In fact, it is these seemingly commonplace problems that often work to distract one from the more important things in life, particularly one’s spiritual growth. Each Life Improvement Course contains Scientology breakthroughs one can use to rectify specific problem areas and improve conditions. There are services addressing interpersonal relations, overcoming the ups and downs in life, personal values and integrity, understanding others, working more efficiently, marriage, raising children, and many more.


Scientology Online Courses

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